my story

i grew up in the san francisco bay area during the heady days of hippies and vietnam war demonstrations.

film production, the siren song of the south, pulled me to los angeles, where i enjoyed a long and (mostly) satisfying career in television and film production management. to keep myself sane, i lived in the hills with my dogs and horses and began my relationship with clay.

when i moved back the bay area, clay and i got serious. my subject matter follows the whim of my consciousness. today i might be exploring the perception of women in history  - or i can be had by a cool old pickup, a barn or a crow in a tree.


i work with earthy-colored stoneware clay and silkscreens of my own sketches, vintage illustrations and photos. every platter is personally handmade and decorated, making them each a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art.


my platters are meant to be USED, not sit on a shelf, look pretty and collect dust ( each their own...i promise i won't judge).  they'll go in a dishwasher and are fine in the oven - within reason - they've already been heated over 1,000 degrees (twice) but they don't like to jet from cold to hot to cold.